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School Days, School Days…


Just two more days til school starts for three of my four little loves!  I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with myself on Monday afternoon when I drop Booga off for preschool and Scooter goes down for a nap…It will be a whole new world for me!  I haven’t had just one since Scooter was born, and I haven’t had just one who was napping since, well, I can’t even remember.  I think I had one month of that before Booga was born…

So we’ve been working a lot the past couple of weeks on getting reorganized for school.  Last year was not exactly successful, with Squirt spending most evenings in tears over homework and stressed from the crazy days at school, and Boyo was just bored.  As of a week ago, none of my children wanted to go to school at all, and it was hard to know they were all upset about going to school.  Thankfully, Meet the Teacher days were great for all three.  Squirt has a Mr. Teacher for the first time, and he already got her out of her shell and happy in the ten minutes we spent in his room, so I am very encouraged about fourth grade.  Boyo has a new teacher to the school; she’s young, happy, and plays the guitar and ukelele!  He’s very excited about that!  And Booga got to spend some time exploring all the toys at preschool, so right now he’s ready to go back, and thrilled that he got to pick out his own crayons, glue sticks, and pencils just like the big kids.  Keeping our fingers crossed that these attitudes last at least for a few weeks! 🙂

Around the house, we’ve been working on organization.  First, we cleaned up a special spot in each kid’s room for the next days’ clothes.  I hope to get them in the habit of setting clothes out every night, we’ll see how that goes.  This is especially helpful with Squirt and Booga, since what I would pick does not always fit with how they are feeling.  I’ve given up trying to figure out why a shirt is perfect one day, but the seams are too scratchy tomorrow!

Then, we cleaned up the desks.  We have two small desks in the dining room that needed a good clean-up job, but hopefully they are now ready with everything the kids might need to get their homework done after school.  Squirt’s desk is as empty as possible, with some fidgets nearby just in case.  I’m working on making her a lap pet, which I hope will help with sitting down for homework.  I’ve also considered giving her my exercise ball instead of a chair, but I’m not sure she could keep her balance on it…

Last, we worked on school lunches.  We printed up the hot lunch menu, and each kid highlighted their choices; one lunch per week.   This goes on the fridge, right next to our dinner menu calendar.  Then we printed a list of what needs to go in their lunchboxes each day; 1 protein, 1 fruit/vegetable, 1 snack, and 1 drink.  I made a list with some examples and taped it to the inside of the pantry door.  You should be able to get a copy here; Filling my Lunch Box

This way they are responsible for their own lunches at night, and the most I should have to do is make a sandwich if that is their choice.  I will say that I still sneak in surprises from time to time, and I always add napkins so I can write them messages.  But I’ve found that if they pack it, they eat it.  If I pack it, it tends to come home with more food left than eaten.  Very important for Squirt, since she doesn’t really feel like eating at lunch time, and if she loses weight, the doctor makes us change medications again!

Then I cleared out a shelf in the pantry.  I had this shelf last year, but it got a little overrun by the end and over the summer I lost it completely.  So I reorganized and put in my 2 bins; one for snacks, which is filled with individual bags of chips, cookies, brownies, or other treats.  The other is for fruit cups, applesauce, apples, real fruit snacks, etc.  Sometimes I buy bigger of these and portion them and put them in the fridge, but at the beginning of the year I can get the pre-portioned stuff at such good prices, that I just buy them.  I also have a plastic container in the fridge that I fill with cheese sticks, boiled eggs, carrot bags, cucumber slices, or whatever else is designated for lunches.

So that is what’s happening at our house this week.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to keep up with all this great organization, and continue it through the whole school year, but for now, I feel ready to go.


A Day in this Sensory World


I’ve been trying to get up and running for awhile, but feel overwhelmed with all the information I want to put together and share.  Finally decided that I would just sit down and write a post, sharing about an average day in our crazy world.

6:30 am: Mom and Dad up, start the music playlist for the big kids to get ready for school

…this is just a YouTube playlist of the kids’ favorite upbeat songs, 4 songs to eat breakfast  to, 3 songs to get dressed and make beds to, and 3 songs for hair, teeth, shoes, coats and backpacks.  The kids know what songs mean what, and it saves my voice from nagging in the morning!!

7:10 am: Squirt and Boyo leave for the bus, littles will wake up soon.

…Time to make some eggs for breakfast.  We always try to start the morning with protein; fortunately Squirt likes a scoop of protein powder on her cereal, so I don’t always have to make eggs before she leaves.

*Note: this is not an everyday morning, as the big kids usually do NOT make the bus, and someone needs to drive them to school at 7:50.  Makes everything a little crazier with all 4 up at once, but 6:30 is awfully early…

8:00 am: Cleaning up from breakfast, time to start Booga’s therapy.

…This morning he wanted the vibrating massage instead of the brush, but giggled too much, so he just rubbed his feet on it while I gave him a regular massage.  Then on to compressions (he calls them “pulls”), spinning until Mommy is more than dizzy, and crashing.  This means every cushion on my couch gets thrown on the floor so he can jump off the couch and body slam into them, repeatedly.  Oh well, who needs a nice couch, right?

8:30 am: Still working on cleaning up, catching up, checking messages, and feeding Scooter.

9:00 am: Time for Preschool with Booga.

…He likes to start with a busy bag, and unless I have something special planned, I usually let him pick through and choose one.  Then we do “carpet” activities and some workbook pages.  Somewhere in the middle Scooter will need a little rock for his morning nap.

11:30 am: School is done, Scooter is probably up again, and it’s time for lunch.

…If I’ve been a good planner, Booga’s lunch is packed in his lunchbag just like the big kids, and he thinks it’s a great adventure to sit and eat from his lunchbox.  Today it is not, but he doesn’t notice.  Mommy eats leftovers 🙂

The afternoon time is spent playing, watching tv, or going for a walk.

2:00 ish pm: Scooter goes down for his second nap, and Booga helps Mommy with some chores.

…Sort of.  He’s really just running to the window waiting for the big kids to get home…

2:40 pm: Big kids get home and have downtime; playing or watching tv with a snack.

…I really like for them to get outside, weather permitting, and today looks good for that.

3:30 pm: Time for our second therapy session.

…We try to include the big kids in the this one, since Squirt really should be doing all of this, too, I just don’t always have time to do both of them.  Today we are going to do puzzles in the hallway with the scooter board, then I will have him do the sit and spin for awhile.  If I can, I may try and get him on the outside swing, but that depends on Scooter.  REALLY wish we had an indoor swing for this!

4:00 pm: Try to get Booga to play quietly so the big kids can do their homework.

…This is the biggest stress for Squirt, and we still haven’t found a quiet space that still lets me help her and keep her on task, or any kind of motivation.  Last night’s math homework went over 3 hours and I made her quit there.  Hoping today will go better.

4:30 pm: Try to make dinner.

…Tonight is supposed to be Chicken Parmesan, but I don’t see enough chicken.  Might have to get creative.  Hopefully Scooter is sleeping again now, but probably not.

5:30 pm: Dinner time.

…Hopefully.  This can be a stressful time of day, as Booga doesn’t eat anything that feels “stringy” like shredded chicken, or that will get his hands messy.  It’s not that he doesn’t like it, he just CAN’T, and we have to adjust.  It’s hard to make other people understand this, so eating out or with relatives can be tricky.

6:00 pm: Start the bedtime routine.

…If we do it right, this means starting with playdo or clay at the table, a big, warm bath for each of them, a massage with lotion for Squirt and Booga, at least lotion for Boyo, depending on his mood, and books in a darkened room.  All told, this routine could take us 2 hours, but we aim to have them all in bed by 7:30.  This is why my dinner dishes are never done 🙂

8:30 pm: Scooter will fall asleep now, but by now Mommy is usually so tired that I just cuddle with him and watch tv until my own bedtime.  Helps relieve the stress of my day, but doesn’t help my house get clean.  Oh well, I’ll work on that tomorrow…