Dear McDonald’s Workers,


When I ask you kindly to put the ketchup on the bottom and the cheese on the top of my dear son’s cheeseburger, please do not look at me like I’ve sprouted 3 heads.  It’s so much more important than you realize: ketchup + cheese = slippery.  And slippery is something he CANNOT eat.  No, he’s not being difficult, he’s coping.  And I’d like him to eat more than french fries today!

In the world of SPD, I am very lucky as far as food issues go.  Booga actually likes most every vegetable he’s ever met, and he loves protein bars, so even when we’re having a bad day, I know that he will get everything he needs.  But we do have our little “preferences”.  I actually don’t like to use that word, because it makes it sounds like he could choose to ignore those preferences and just try it like any other kid.  Those of you with kids like mine are laughing, because that’s just not possible.

Actually, when we eat at home, he does very well, and we don’t make special plates for him; he is expected to eat what we eat.  We make adjustments when possible.  Booga doesn’t like anything slippery, slimy, stringy, or that will make his fingers messy.  Leftovers are a dream come true for him, because they are either cold or slightly warm, and will not bother him.  Coffee filters are my best friend, because they keep his fingers clean and he can eat tacos and other messy things.  So, all in all, he eats VERY well for an SPD, texture-sensitive child.

But eating out is a different story.  And in a family of 6, with several sports, church activities, etc., eating out happens more often than it should.  For the first 3 years of Booga’s life, he really only ate french fries at restaurants.  Unless, of course, they were too salty or too greasy.  Then we discovered *why* he was turning his nose up at food we knew he liked, and started making small changes.  Like making sure chicken nuggets are not fresh; he’d really prefer to take them home and eat them cold or slightly warmed.  Or making sure his ketchup and cheese do not make his burger slide around.  Seems so simple now, but I still get those looks…

So, yes, I am the strange mom asking you to make a cheeseburger a different way.  But at least my boy will eat his lunch today!


About wildonesmama

I am a former teacher, current stay at home mom to 4 children. Squirt is 9, Boyo is 6, Booga is 4, and Scooter is 1. On our wild ride we are learning to navigate the world of Sensory Processing Disorder, and hope to help educate others about just what this special diagnosis means, how it changes the way kids see the world, and what parents, teachers, Sunday school teachers, and coaches can do to help.

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